MAR New and Updated Forms Overview

Posted On May 14, 2018


by Webmaster

New MAR FormsLive April 30 1

Forms to be discussed:
Changes have been made to the following forms:
• F1 Contract for the Purchase of Real Estate
• F2 Contract for the Purchase of Real Estate Lots and Land
• F4 Exclusive Authorization and Right to Sell Listing Agreement
• F14 Seller’s Counter Offer and F14A Buyer’s Counter Offer

And the following NEW FORMS have been added to MAR’s Forms Library:
• F36 Home Inspection Contingency Notification/Removal Addendum
• F37 Wire Fraud Warning to Buyers and Sellers
• F38 Compensation Agreement Between Mississippi Brokers
• F39 Seller Multiple Offer Notification
• F40 Multiple Offer Notification to Buyer’s Agent/Buyer and Acknowledgment

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