Dear Mississippi REALTOR® –

The Mississippi REALTORS® are issuing a Call For Action on the Mississippi Senate to immediately adopt HB 366, the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act.

Because of upcoming deadlines for Mississippi cooperatives to apply for federal grant and loan funds that were included in the Farm Bill specifically for broadband expansion, HB 366 needs to become law immediately.

While HB 366 contains provisions for it to become law upon the approval of the Governor, time is of the essence. Much work is still needed to be done by electric cooperatives to get their broadband affiliates in place. ANY delay in passage of this bill swiftly will result in losing an opportunity to receive federal broadband funds in the Farm Bill for this year.

We simply cannot waste another year. Please urge your state Senator to adopt HB 366, immediately, and send to Governor Bryant!



Adam Watkins
2019 MAR President